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Chat Commands and Chatbot

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In this blog post we go over chat commands, chatbots, and what they do!

Written by: maxx_wav

We know that Lumia Stream does a great job at managing your lights and adding interactivity to your stream, but did you know that Lumia also gives you the ability to create chat commands as well as control Chatbots? 

That's right, with Lumia we bring you the ability to craft your own commands that can. From setting off lights to controlling your smart plugs, with some creative use of the software the sky is the limit. Lumia also gives you the control of who can use what commands by setting the required user level. Chat now has a fun way to interact with the stream directly and interesting incentives to subscribe or donate in other ways. 

We also help you with your chatbot! The chatbot can do a number of things, including arrival announcements, as well as list light commands. So without further ado let's explore what Lumia chat commands and chatbots can do!


Chat Commands

A screenshot of the chat command menu


Chat commands give you a lot of different options so it may seem a little daunting at first, but take some time to explore and it’ll become second nature in no time. Chat commands can be found under the Command tab on the sidebar. The Chat commands panel is split into two segments: List, and Global Settings. The List is where you can find all the different commands that you have created, and Global Settings does as the name implies; adjusts your global chat command settings in Lumia. 


Here is where all the different commands that you’ve made are found. Depending on whether or not you’ve made light effects before, you may have some commands here already. Commands can be easily added, edited, and deleted using the appropriate buttons. There is also a test button available so that you can double-check that everything is working properly. 

Once you click the edit button of the command; a dropdown will appear where you can adjust the specifics of each command. You can rename, change type, and even re-assign lights from this edit menu. Take some time to explore the settings with each of your lighting commands so that you can ensure that the proper lights and sounds activate when they are supposed to.  

Global Settings 

The Global Settings tab is another important aspect of controlling your chat commands. Global Settings give you access to your user levels so that you can edit their titles as needed. There are also options to turn on a command cooldown and change where commands can be used in messages.  


Chat Bot 

The Chatbot is the second feature we’re going to cover today. Found under the Chatbot tab in the sidebar; this is where the bot’s settings are controlled. There are a lot of different toggles in the Chatbot sections, but it is rather simple to operate. Each setting represents a different ability of the bot that can be both toggled and edited. You have the ability to edit the specific information that the bot will communicate with your viewers. With the combination of chat commands and the chatbot working together, your viewers get an interactive and informed experience. The chatbot will relate important Lumia information via the chat box while users enter their light commands and setting off your color show! 


Get creative with your use of commands, and have a good stream!