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Terms & Conditions

By uploading and applying your Creation ("Creation"), you warrant and represent that you own or otherwise control all the rights to your Creation, including all the rights necessary for you to provide, post, upload, input or submit the Creation and to transfer all such rights to Lumia Stream. In addition to the warranty and representation set forth above, by uploading and posting a Creation that contains audio files in whole or in part (“Audio”), you warrant and represent that (a) you are the copyright owner of such Audio, or that the copyright owner of such Audio has granted you permission to use such Audio or any content and/or Audio contained in such Audio consistent with the manner and purpose of your use, and (b) that each person depicted in such Audio, if any, has provided consent to the use of the Audio, including, by way of example, the distribution, public display and reproduction of such Audio. By posting Audio, you are granting to all persons who have access to the Audio, without compensation, permission to use your Audio in connection with the use, including a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat your Audio without having your name attached to such Audio, and the right to sublicense such rights to third parties.

Before you upload a Creation, make sure that the Creation falls in one of the four categories:

Own work: You own all rights to the Creation, usually meaning that you created it entirely yourself.

Licensed: You can prove that the copyright holder has released the Creation under an acceptable license. Note that Audio that is licensed for use only on certain "channels", or only for non-commercial or educational use, or under a license that doesn't allow for the creation of modified/derived works, are unsuitable. When in doubt, do not upload copyrighted Audio.

Public domain: You can prove that the Creation is in the public domain, i.e., free of all copyrights. Fair use: You believe that the Creation meets the special conditions for non-free content, which exceptionally allow the use of unlicensed material, and you can provide an explicit non-free use rationale explaining why and how you intend to use it.

User-created Audio -- Lumia Stream encourages users to upload their own Audio.

Licensing -- You've obtained the right (paid or free) to exploit the Audio in all media throughout the universe for a specified amount of time; in the case of a pre-existing free license, if the place where you found the Audio does not declare a pre-existing free license, yet allows the use of its content under terms commonly instituted by them, it must explicitly declare that commercial use and modification is permitted. If it does not so declare, you must assume that you may not use the Audio unless you obtain verification or permission from the copyright holder.

Public domain -- Public domain Audio are not copyrighted, and copyright law does not restrict their use in any way. Audio may be placed into the public domain by their creators, or they may be public domain because they are ineligible for copyright or because their copyright expired. In the U.S., copyright has expired on any work published anywhere before January 1, 1923. Although U.S. copyrights have also expired for many works published since then, the rules for determining expiration are complex.

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