A fully customizable control system for streamersWatch demo.

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  • How do I use it on my stream?
  • First select your favorite platform
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    + more
  • What can I connect to it?
  • Supported smart lights & devices
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    + more
  • How do I make my viewers control my devices?
  • By adding commands that react to your devices!
  • What kind of commands?
  • !purple-lights-on, !obs-scene, !camera2
  • Does it work with alerts?
  • Yes, alerts, follows, subs, bits...+ more!
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plaform animated icons
  • Can you show me an example?
  • Check out this streamer using Lumia Stream
  • Lumia perfect streamer
  • Wow that’s really amazing! I want this!
  • What else does it do?
  • A whole lot! check out thefull features


  • Unlimited chat commandsUnlimited chat commands
  • Unlimited Twitch channel pointsUnlimited Twitch channel points
  • Full alerts with variationFull alerts with variation
  • Stream DeckStream Deck
  • Light pickerLight picker
  • OBS and SLOBS alertsOBS and SLOBS alerts
  • Hot keysHot keys
iconCreate unique animations and reactions for new follows, subs, gift subs raids, donations & more.
  • ReactionsReactions
  • ScenesScenes
  • ThemesThemes
  • AnimationsAnimations
  • InteractivesInteractives
  • FuzeFuze
  • Hype trainHype train
iconStudio reactions gives you the ability to setup a sequence of events that happen in a set order.
  • Chat aliasesChat aliases
  • OBS and SLOBS triggersOBS and SLOBS triggers
  • Color temperatureColor temperature
iconTrigger chat by using alternative text for one command
  • ProfilesProfiles
  • User levelsUser levels
  • Light zonesLight zones
  • Chat botChat bot
iconLumia allows you to set up multiple profiles with different settings on each
  •  Elgato key light Elgato key light
  • OverlaysOverlays
  • Alert variationsAlert variations
  • Twitch extensionsTwitch extensions
iconConnecting Elgato key lights to Lumia Stream gives your viewers the ability to take control of them via chat commands, twitch points, and alerts!
  • MidiMidi
iconCreate unique animations and reactions for new follows, subs, gift subs raids, donations & more via Midi

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There’s more

You can do a lot more than you think with Lumia Stream.

Stream Deck control

Change your smart lights and devices with push of a button.

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"Man, I can't get enough of that Lumia. The colorful lights just make my nerves tingle whenever I see them"


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