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Everything you need to know about Lumia Stream compatible lights.

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Let's have a closer look at the many integrations Lumia Stream offers. A little decision guidance...

Written by: SamWilsonTV

First things first: What is Lumia Stream?

Lumia Stream is THE all-in-one app for streamers. 

Lumia Stream started as a service that gave streamers on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Trovo the ability to maximize viewer engagement. We did this by giving chat the ability to control streamers' smart lights and devices live in their room through chat commands, alerts, bits, and even channel points. 

Through the years Lumia Stream developed from a "light control app" to an "everything a streamer needs app". Now you can do much more than let viewers control your lights. Lumia Stream has today 64+ integrations and more than 100 different alert types. Through Lumia Stream, you can control OBS, SLOBS, 29 smart light and smart plug brands, RGB PC Peripherals like Razer, Voicemod, Twitter, Spotify, and so many more. It offers you a full Chatbot system. Automations allow you to time your actions. Using Midi, ArtNet, MQTT, and OSC you can control almost every device in the world through your stream chat. Do you want to let your community decide what's on the telly? Connect your Broadlink device with Lumia and go for it. The possibilities never end.

Viewer interaction is often listed as the number one requirement to turn your stream into a success. Lumia cultivates your stream to maximize viewer engagement by giving viewers a physical layer into the streamers' world.

Have a look here at how it all began (or at least it could have been like this 😊) How it all began...

Of course, lights are still a passion.

By now, Lumia Stream offers so many integrations that it's easy to lose track. Which light brand should I get? Can I achieve my goals with this light? Do I need a certain light to do this or that?
To give you a bit of clarity, I will go into the supported brands below.


1. Philips Hue

Philips is, of course, a bedrock of the electronics market. Since 1891, Philips has been synonymous with high-quality, reliable, and innovative technologies that improve people's lives.
Philips Hue was our first integration and our most stable one also.
In combination with the Hue Bridge, most Philips Hue products are compatible with Lumia Stream. This also brings the advantage that only one IP address is used for all lights. Here, too, the following applies: Due to the local control via the bridge, lightning-fast effects and smooth transitions can be done. The native scenes of the Hue app can also be easily integrated into Lumia Stream via themes. This makes Philips Hue the Lumia Stream All star because so far we have not found a light that could not be connected with Philips Hue.

2. Nanoleaf

Nanoleaf was founded in 2012 by three engineers who wanted to shake up the lighting industry. In my opinion, they have done a good job of that.
Most of their products are supported by Lumia Stream. Lines, Elements, Shapes, Canvas, and Light Panels are all products that connect flawlessly with Lumia Stream and offer all the advantages you could wish for. Local control makes lightning-fast effects and smooth light transitions possible. In addition, Lumia Stream supports the native scenes of the Nanoleaf app, which in turn leads to more flexibility.
However, care must be taken when selecting the product: the lights from the Essential range are not compatible with Lumia Stream.


LIFX doesn't say much about themselves, except that they claim to be digital wizards. However, I think their products speak for themselves. They are reliable, fast, and flexible.
LIFX doesn't play around much either. Their portfolio mainly includes light bulbs and light strips in various designs.
LIFX can be fully connected to Lumia Stream and because of their API, you can even address individual zones of their Light Strips. The luminosity of their light bulbs is almost unbeatable. Here, too, you have local control and thus the delicate transitions and extremely fast response times. In addition, native scenes can also be set here without any fuss in Lumia Stream.

Combination of different light brands with Lumia Stream's Fuze mode


4. Elgato

Elgato's products are probably indispensable in any streaming room. Be it the Stream Deck or the Capture Card. However, Elgato also offers light. I think the Elgato Key Light is one of the most used lighting tools by content creators. The Light Strip is also very popular. Lumia Stream supports the Elgato Stream Deck, as well as the Elgato Key Light and the Elgato Light Strip. Since we are talking about light today, we will focus on this. Both lighting products can be controlled with Lumia Stream. Since the Key Light is only a spotlight, there are of course not too many setting options. You can switch it on and off, set the temperature, and of course the brightness.
The Light Strip can of course display different colors, but it is relatively limited in what it can do. You can control it locally, but it doesn't offer smooth transitions and it doesn't have a fast mode. Native scenes are not even offered by Elgato, as only the entire Strip can be lit in one.
But why is Elgato in 4th place then?
Because definitely the Elgato Key Light is an unbeatable tool and in combination with Lumia Stream it offers many more possibilities.


In principle, WLED is not a brand. Rather, it is an open-source DIY project. You can find ready-made lights on the internet, but you can get there much cheaper if you assemble them yourself. Admittedly, this is something for tinkerers, but WLED is very strong and can do many things that the big brands could do but don't offer. Of course, because they are self-built, you have local control, smooth transitions, and fast response times. You can also save your own creations via the WLED app and transfer them to Lumia Stream via themes. The themes in WLED are unmatched, there are literally hundreds of different animated scenes that you can choose from and they grow every update.
WLED in Action


6. Magichome

Magichome is actually "just" the manufacturer of a controller used by various companies to control their lights. For Lumia Stream users, this opens up a wide range of suppliers offering cheap LED strips that work very well with Lumia Stream. They are super fast due to local control, can do smooth transitions, and have a fast mode, so you can use them for Fuze or animations.


7. Cololight

I can't say much about the origin of Cololight, as there is not much information about them on their website. But we shouldn't care as long as the lights work with Lumia Stream. And they actually do that very well. They grant us all the advantages one can have. Local control, fast smooth transitions, and native scenes. Personally, I find the price ratio a bit exaggerated for an unknown manufacturer. But that is a matter of taste.

8. Tuya/Smartlife

Tuya Smart is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. To do this, Tuya offers a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. As a result, many brands are making use of this protocol and developing their lights and apps based on this technology. Smartlife is one such brand. However, this reach of a single cloud service also brings negative features. For instance, Tuya is cloud controlled. What this means for you is that you can't expect smooth transitions or fast color changes, as we are absolutely dependent on what features Tuya releases for us. Nevertheless, Tuya-based lights are still a nice alternative for the small purse.
Find out more about the integrations of Lumia Stream

9. Yeelight

Yeelight has been on the market since 2012 and produces lights of all facets. Due to its integration with Lumia Stream, which allows local control, a fast mode, and smooth color changes, Yeelight is probably the solution with the best price-performance ratio. However, "cheap" also brings disadvantages. For example, many users complain about disconnections and the continuity in which the light "phones home".

10. Twinkly

The lights of the Italian manufacturer Twinkly are true exotics in the world of lights. Actually, Twinkly only wanted to bring some pep into the Christmas lighting but ended up doing a lot more. They have definitely made this statement with their new Flex Light Strip.
Especially because the lighting is actually designed for Christmas decoration, I think it's great for creativity. Twinkly's portfolio includes curtains and fairy lights. And the nice thing is. You can easily connect them to Lumia Stream. You can control them locally and use the native scenes in Lumia Stream. Unfortunately, there's not really 3rd party support, so it's stuck with those two features so far.


11. TP-Link

TP-Link is an international company that has been around since 1996. While the company is more known for its routers and LAN devices in Europe, it has had great success with smart devices in the US. Lumia Stream supports the Kasa range from TP-Link. With local control and fast mode, they are very responsive. Unfortunately, the products cannot do smooth transitions and the lights get stuck on colors often.

12. Wyze

A young startup from 2017. Started with a webcam and still gaining a foothold in the smart home world. Wyze is a budget option for budding streamers. Wyze, like Tuya, is cloud controlled and thus not very flexible and dependent on connecting to their server. Supported by Lumia Stream they are a good beginner's light, but you shouldn't expect too much from it.

13. Philips Wiz

Philips Wiz is a cheaper smart home product from the manufacturer. However, Wiz is not comparable to Philips Hue as they have nothing in common except local control. But if you're looking for a cheap alternative, these bulbs are just the ticket. The response time is fast enough for scenes and slow reactions, but you may experience the light getting stuck on colors if you try to change it too fast.     
You can also get a lot of information on our Supported Brands page


14. Logitech

Who doesn't know the hardware company founded in Switzerland in 1981? Logitech offers everything you could wish for in terms of peripherals. And for some years now, it has been fashionable to equip keyboards, mice, and headphones with LEDs. And that's where Lumia Stream comes in. Control the lights on your peripherals and bring your desk to life. You can control pretty much any one of Logitechs Peripherals through Lumia Stream with one catch... You will also need to have Logitech's G Hub app open as well.

15. Corsair

Corsair started in 1994 with DDR RAM and now offers every kind of hardware imaginable. And equips them with light sources. Whether it's CPU cooling, RAM devices, or peripherals, Lumia Stream can change the lighting. Just link ICue to Lumia Stream and your Stream has full control. Similar to the other peripherals listed above, they do require you to be connected to the Corsair ICue Desktop app when using it with Lumia Stream

Corsair on Fuze


16. Razer

Founded in 2005, Razer has risen to the top of the gaming industry. In combination with Lumia Stream and Razer Chroma, it's easy to light up peripherals and hardware. Razer are the RGB kings and pretty much every product that they make can be controlled with Lumia Stream. From Headphones, keyboards, mice, microphones, mouse pads, all the way to full rgb desks, Razer has it all. The Razer Synapse app is required to be open at the same time of Lumia to control the colors.
Razer was our first Peripheral integration that we made and has had the most things that Lumia can control of any other Peripheral brands

17. SteelSeries

On the market since 2001, SteelSeries started out primarily in the e-sports sector and sooner or later found its way into the home streaming room. Connect your Lumia Stream to SteelSeries Engine 3 and let your peripherals react to your viewers. This can of course connect to Steel Series Keyboards, mice, headphones etc as long as it can connect to their desktop app.

And this list can of course be extended. I hope this little overview gives you a hand in deciding what brand you want to go with.