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Logitech Integration Guide

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Logitech Integration Guide featured image
Logitech Integration Guide featured image

With the updated version 5.2, we are finally bringing the requested Logitech Integration. Yes, that's right, all your Logitech RGB Keyboards and peripherals can now be connected to Lumia and controlled via chat! We know you guys have been asking for it for a long time so here it is. Setup is super simple, and this blog will give you a quick guide on how to get set up and some cool things you can do. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Lumia Stream Logitech Integration

Connecting Logitech to Lumia 

The first thing that you need to do is download and log into your Logitech G Hub. G Hub can be found on the Logitech website for download on Mac or Windows. Since Lumia connects directly to your device through G Hub, it's important that your account is properly set up however you like. After getting your G Hub set up, it is time to open Lumia and connect the two. 

In Lumia, navigate to “Connections” under the Configuration Tab in the sidebar. Click the plus button to create a new connection under the Lights section. Click on Logitech and select which peripherals you’d like to connect to Lumia.  The list contains all the compatible Logitech devices, but if you have another keyboard that uses RGB lighting from Logitech, hit the "RGB Keyboard" or "RGB Mouse" settings. 



And it’s that easy! Whichever device you connect will now be fully integrated and ready to go with Lumia! Remember to keep G Hub open while using your Logitech device with Lumia so that the connection will remain intact. Now you’re good to go! Get to experimenting! 

Setting up lights and alerts 

Now that your Logitech devices are connected to Lumia, they can be used in the same way that all your other lights can. This means chat control through commands and Twitch points. As well as alerts like donations and subscriptions.  

Try connecting your favorite animations and having them play out over your keyboard and mouse! You can also create and connect Twitch Points to your device, giving your users an incentive to interact and have some fun while streaming.  

Now that you have the freedom to connect all your devices through G Hub and Lumia we're super excited to see everything that you come up with!