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Why lights are the ultimate interaction for streams

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Why lights are the ultimate interaction for streams featured image
Why lights are the ultimate interaction for streams featured image

In the beginning, was darkness, then was the creation of light. Whether we are speaking about the beginning of the universe or the beginning of our lives, we are all going from a state of darkness into light both symbolically and literally. Traditionally, darkness was viewed as being in a state of ignorance, and the light was viewed as arriving at knowledge and understanding. We at Lumia Stream, are very aware of this tradition and we understand why lights are an important means of interaction for streams.      

Psychological Impact of Light

Light can psychologically impact us in different ways. Some lights are associated with specific memories, which can evoke certain emotions, desires, or thoughts. For example, red and blue flashing lights behind an American driver can cause nervousness and cause fear to arise because of our knowledge associated with those lights. Other lights and colors can improve our mood, mental cognition, and overall wellbeing. In general, bright lights can intensify emotions, while lowlight keeps emotions steady allowing a person to make rational decisions.

See the source imageThe lights that we are exposed to daily, impact us on a subconscious level below the depths of our waking consciousness. This is why people are happier, more optimistic, and more charitable on hot and sunny days, and people are more depressed, sad, and selfish on cold and gloomy days. Research shows that the more intense the lighting in a room, the greater positive and negative emotions a person will have. Americans spend approximately 93% of their lives indoors. Because of this, we should make a conscious effort to surround ourselves with good lighting, and warm colors to help get a jumpstart on hacking our emotional health. 

Lighting The Way With Lumia Stream

Lumia Stream creates a brand new experience for streamers and their viewers by involving a physical light that can be controlled through alerts and chat. Each color in an alert triggers a different emotion within. With Lumia's ability to trigger colors on a stream, we are changing the way streamers think about and react to specific colors. Twitch primarily uses 6 types of alerts, here are some color recommendations to invoke the best emotional responses on your stream using Lumia Stream.

1. Follows

When you get a follow from a viewer a great color choice for the alert is the color redRed light is a physical color that can promote feelings of courage, strength, and energy. This color can trigger a physical reaction of excitement in our users. Red has a long wavelength and is easily visible in the color spectrum. It grabs people's attention and warns them about the danger. This is why red was chosen as a color for stop signs, traffic lights, fire trucks, and fire hydrants. 

2. Subscribers

When a viewer goes out of their way to subscribe to your channel to show their appreciation, we recommend having your alert color in Lumia Stream set to blueBlue light is an intellectual color that can promote feelings of trust, coolness, and calm. We often associate the color blue with the stability and consistency of the sky or the vast stretches of the ocean. The sky is the limit in regards to how many subscribers a person can get and users are all across the world in lands separated by the ocean. Many of our users report feeling at peace knowing that they are now one step closer to their goals of fame, fortune, or freedom.   

3. Hosts

When a user displays your stream on their channel a color that would be perfect to display is purplePurple light helps to spark the imagination and trigger introspective thoughts about themselves and the content that is being shared. We often associate this color with royalty, power, and wisdom. This can invoke a feeling of honor when seeing this color knowing that their content is appreciated and shared by others. 


4. Raids

The color of choice for a Raid is orangeOrange light is a warm color that makes a user feel optimistic, spontaneous, and uplifted. Psychologically this color can cause us to have a ‘gut reaction’ or trigger our gut instincts. We often associate this color with creativity, adventure, and success. This is why it will be the perfect color to help one feel curious and creative when someone raids your channel.

5. Bits

When you receive a donation in the currency called bits, you can choose the color yellow. Yellow is a color that is uplifting and can make a person hopeful, happy, and cheerful. Yellow has the longest wavelength and is the most easily visible color. This color triggers a mental reaction in most people and is often associated with sunshine or gold. Our users report feeling cheerful when seeing this color knowing that someone was kind enough to give them some of their much-desired bits. 

6. Donations

When you receive cash donations the obvious choice is the color greenGreen is a natural color that promotes harmony, balance, and universal love. We often associate this color with nature and money. Considering that trees were used to make the very paper that money is printed on. Donating is an act of generosity, so we should choose a color that will portray our gratefulness.


Lumia Stream is changing the way people feel within themselves and interact with others. We are hacking our emotional health by creating new neurological connections in the brain due to our mix of colors and the alerts they are associated with. We are also building a community within a community because only our users will truly understand this experience. We look forward to the continual spread of Lumia and our positive impact on people psychologically, economically, and socially.