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Lumia Stream 5.1.5 Update!

It’s time to Introduce the next wave of exciting new features making summer even hotter!

It’s now official, a little green creature re-introduced us to the color green, yes Trovo the wise has joined the Lumunity along with some new light and smart plug integrations. You don’t have to be a Wiz to figure out it’s a Wyze choice, that’s right Philip Wiz and Wyze are now part of the lumination lineup!

Talking about lumination you can now natively send Artnet directly from Lumia Stream. And if that’s not enough, Facebook Chat Bot can now be used in all of its glory.

Check out the full Lumia Stream 5.1.5 release notes.

Lumia Stream Team


It’s now official, this little green creature re-introduced us to the color green


Connect your Wifi enabled Philips Wiz lights and smart plugs today


light and smart plugs can now be used with Lumia



Send Artnet directly from Lumia Stream

Command Runner

Open Apps, Run shell scripts, and so much more with the new command runner in each command and alert